When destiny aligns and you find yourself in a preordained location, at a specific moment, with a stranger, introduce yourself as Ryoshi. If they reciprocate, know you’re in the presence of a kindred spirit.

From inception, my assertion has been clear: I am no one special. Unveiling my identity, even if achieved, would be anticlimactic. I am simply an ordinary individual behind a keyboard, easily replaceable. Yet, I am Ryoshi.

CA: 0x3751D1A5e0CdDD08BF91A8e115E44BA5359e52B1


But, I recognize the gravity and vastness of the movement I’ve instigated. I’ve bestowed upon you the treasure of self-discovery, made manifest in the blockchain arena.

In the conventional paradigm, projects are often led by an illustrious CEO, a tech guru, and a roadmap, offering a point of contact for grievances or to attribute blame for unmet expectations or investment outcomes.

Shiba is distinctively different. Right from its inception, it’s been underlined: no one individual holds the reins. No single person or entity can claim sovereignty or responsibility. Despite surges in Shiba’s value and conjectures about my wealth, I own not a single SHIB token. Why? Owning it would compromise the purity of my purpose. Financial fluctuations shouldn’t dictate my unbiased perspective. (Rest assured, the universe has its ways to compensate.)

Consequently, the onus lies with you. Whenever I’m posed with questions of intent, I mirror them back. When will you act upon what you’re seeking from me? Such reflections can be disconcerting for many, rooted in an inherent sense of entitlement where one hesitates to shoulder personal responsibility, always seeking external affirmation or pointing fingers in blame. It’s crucial to remember: intense adoration can swiftly turn to profound resentment. Instead of oscillating between love and hate, simply observe, experience, and act. Thankfully, many resonated with this ethos and became integral to the Shiba journey. Some have public recognition, while others, equally pivotal, work in anonymity. Our unity lies in embracing Shiba’s essence, representing a truly decentralized, self-sustaining community.D

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